Ambitious conservative political activist, Lorraine Williams, is well known for her cutthroat and ruthless tactics in the political arena. Standing on the shoulders of her family name, Lorraine is now facing the most controversial case of her career where freedom of religion and freedom from it are being severely questioned.



While preparing to present her case, she is interrupted by two women in desperate need of help.  As Lorraine and the women await the police, she soon learns what happened to them, why they so desperately need her, and even though she’s never met them, why they look so damn familiar.


Lorraine soon realizes that the more she helps, the wider a forbidden door opens threatening to soil her future, her family legacy and her powerful career she’s spent years building.  The Forgotten Ones is a story about the lengths we reach to keep our secrets hidden, our pain null, and our soul in a restless search for peace and sanctuary.