Super charge your job search with a stronger resumé!

Who's the Resumé Boss?

Hi, my name is Dee Lewis and I started The Resumé Boss writing service after overcoming my own challenges searching for employment when I moved to a new city.


I did everything I was ever taught to do when job hunting including creating a resumé and cover letter.  I thought both were foolproof and began submitting away.  I got zero results!  I then went to a temporary agency and a Temp agent was gracious enough to walk through my resumé with me line by line and show me everything I was doing wrong.


I went back and several hours later, had a revised resumé that I began sending out.  Within a week, I landed my first job interview for a position as a Finance Scriptwriter for a financial website.  I prepped, passed the assessment and thought I nailed the interview.  However, within a week, I was notified that I was not chosen for the job.  In addition, the warm rapport I had built with the Human Resource Director suddenly went cold and she didn’t so much as respond to my email thanking her for the opportunity.


I figured that since I had this new resumé, it would not be hard to land other interviews.  Wrong! Dead wrong!  I submitted to at least thirty more jobs online and only landed an interview for one, which I also did not get.


I went back and researched more about what I was doing wrong and developed more strategies to strengthen my resumé and cover letter.  I also learned tips on how to get around the gate keepers and started applying these new techniques. Within a week, I started landing more interviews for jobs that piqued my interest.  After I started seeing some success, I offered to write resumés and cover letters for my friends and family and they too started landing more quality job interviews and better jobs.


While I was happy I was getting more interviews, I realized while these were companies I would have liked to work at, I was not interested in a full-time, locked in job with no flexibility – I had already done that for many years.


I started building out my network and let a college friend know that I was in the market for a flexible job in my field.  He called me a few weeks later to let me know something had opened up at his place of employment.  The Hiring Manager asked to see my resumé and was so impressed, I started working there two weeks later.


It took longer than I expected and I fell into a depression during that period but it is an experience I would never trade because I learned so much.


The current job application process is broken and frankly, disrespectful to applicants.  It can weaken the motivation of even the strongest job candidate.  Arming yourself with a strong resumé, cover letter and networking strategies can greatly speed up landing your dream job and getting out of the job hunting rat race!